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A major area of specialization in my work here is in research: literature/systematic reviews, and research design and analysis (both quantitative and qualitative), ranging in extent from 'brief' papers to dissertation-length projects.

In terms of content, and due to my Master's, my primary areas are in philosophy, ethics, and logic - which necessarily have much overlap with many areas of the humanities and social sciences. However, because my BS/BA was in Quantitative Analysis (with a business IT bent), with dual minors in Economics and Philosophy, I am able to work--effectively and with skill--in a range of areas.

Overall, what you will always get with my work is this: originality, argumentative rigor, extensive research, and good-faith dedication to the topic at hand, to the work, and to you.

Homework Library

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Catalog and Circulation

MacArthur Online Catalogue

Search for available books and access *online databases (passwords required from media center), access Anne Arundel County Public Library and much more.


From home, students can access the databases from MacArthur Online Catalogue

and follow the directions on p. 19 of their agenda books. This page also gives user names and passwords for each database. Databases we offer include:

  • EBSCO Databases:  newspaper, magazine, and journal articles as well as multimedia. Also includes access to ERIC for professional development.
  • World Book Online/Encyclopedia Estudantil Hallazgos:  English and Spanish encyclopedias, atlas, dictionary, and current events information
  • Grolier Databases: Encyclopedia articles on a wide variety of topics and reading levels, as well as multimedia information and web links.
  • Grolier Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre: Spanish-language encyclopedia on general topics
  • Rosen Financial Literacy: Information on all aspects of economics, including multimedia and interactive features. This database has everything from tips on financial management to articles on the broad economic impact of global issues.
  • CultureGrams Online:  high interest, kid-friendly information about countries of the world & states of the United States
  • ABC-CLIO:  offers a series of seven databases organized around familiar curriculum areas.
  • Britannica databases: We provide access to Britannica Academic Edition, Britannica School, Annals of American History, World Data Analyst, Spanish Reference Center, and Global Reference Center. Providing encyclopedia articles on a variety of reading levels, primary source documents, statistics on countries, and information in French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, these databases also offer multimedia content and web links.
  • Thomson Gale Resource Center: offers huge databases in the areas of science & social studies.  Resources include primary resources and full-text articles from academic journals and periodicals from around the world.
  • SIRS (Social Issues Resource Series) Researcher & SKS WebSelect: newspaper, magazine, and journal articles as well as websites
  • SIRS (Social Issues Resource Series) Discoverer & Discoverer WebFind: newspaper, magazine journal articles as well as websites generally easier to read that Researcher
  • ImageQuest: Thousands of images copyrighted for reproduction for educational purposes.
  • World Almanac for Kids: A general encyclopedia at a lower reading level.

Access to these databases is for the Anne Arundel County Public School community, including all teachers, faculty, staff, students, and parents/guardians.  Due to the nature of our contract with these companies we are unable to publish our user names and passwords on our website.  However, user names and passwords are available in student agenda books. These databases provide current, reliable information and we encourage students and their families to use these resources for homework and research.

Helpful Links


Past winners and current lists

EasyBib  An automatic bibliography and citation generator plus a management tool that also allows users to organize and take notes.

The Big 6 Research Process

Use strategies and organizers to help with research projects


Parent Access

User Name: macarthur

Password: eagle


Anne Arundel County Public Library

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