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Yazz Homework Instrumental

Welcome to the Court Moor School music page.  At Court Moor we believe that every child’s music-making matters. The department strives to provide an inclusive musical experience for students both inside and outside the classroom.

The music department offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  The ensembles are as follows: Junior Singers, Junior Chamber Choir, Chamber Choir, Senior Choir, Court Moor Singers, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, String Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, School of Rock and a Music Production Club.  All students, regardless of ability, are encouraged to join groups to further help solidify concepts learnt in class and in their individual music lessons.

Court Moor offers a wide variety of instrumental tuition which includes all of the string, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments.  Our guitar tutors are the best in the area, offering classical, jazz, rock, blues and folk styles to the pupils.  There is a mixture of teachers from Hampshire Music Service and teachers employed by the Court Moor School.  The music department is committed to ensuring the best possible tuition, catering to the wide range of tastes and styles of music.

There are a number of performance opportunities throughout the year.  There are four major concerts each term, a musical production and a series of chamber concerts, designed to give all students performing opportunities.  The chamber choir is currently preparing Faure’s Requiem, which will be performed with a local community choir.

The department has also started a visiting artist series, where students experience recitals and concerts from world class performers. The performers to visit school this past year have been The Yazz Ahmed Trio, The Marici Saxophone Quartet, Jonathan Mayer and the principal string players from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Please feel free to contact the Head of Music, Mark DeMott, (music@courtmoorschool.net) if you have any questions about your child’s musical experience at school, or upcoming performance events.

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