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How To Use Your Reading In Your Essays Pdf

You might have had enough of your work by now, and be hoping to just hand it in! However, it's worth taking some time to check it over. Markers often comment that more time spent on editing and proofreading could have really made a difference to the final mark.


Editing includes checking whether all your points are in the right order and that they are all relevant to the question.

Be ruthless at this stage – if the information isn't directly answering the question, cut it out! You will get many more marks for showing you can answer the question in a controlled and focused way than you will for an unordered list of everything you know about a topic.

Put yourself in the reader's position – can they follow the points you are making clearly? You know what you are trying to say, but will your reader? Are there gaps in your reasoning to be explained or filled? Have you provided signposts to show where your argument is going next, and where it's been?


Identifying your own mistakes and correcting them is an important part of academic writing: this is what you do when you proofread.

Ideally leave a day between finishing your essay and proofreading it. You won't be so close to your work, so you will see your errors more easily.

Try reading your essay aloud, as this will slow you down, make you focus on each word, and show you when your sentences are too long.

If you often get comments on your sentences, try working on one paragraph at a time, and putting each sentence on a new line. This will make it much easier to spot common errors, for instance, sentences which depend on another sentence for their meaning, or are missing parts. Once you've checked it, you can join all the sentences back up in the paragraph again and move on to the next.

It can help to have a friend read through your work but developing your own proofreading skills is better. Your friend won't always be available!

While you're proof-reading, also check that all your references are complete, accurate and consistently formatted.

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