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Censorship Topics Essay

A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Writing Ideas About Censorship

If you have to complete a persuasive essay you were given the opportunity to craft that particular piece on the subject of censorship, there are a few things you can do to help find the perfect idea.

You must first remember that the purpose behind the persuasive essay is to persuade your audience. All of the effort you put into the research and the writing should be designed to convince your readers that you are an authority on the subject and that you have completed the research necessary to present well-rounded information. This of course means that you have to present both sides to any argument within the body of your final piece.

With that information in mind you have to generate a topic related to censorship which can be covered in the span of the number of pages you have at your disposal.

Below is a short list of potential topics related to the idea of censorship, but please remember that these are only meant as a guide and you may want to refine these ideas further for the sake of meeting your particular requirements. Review the list of potential ideas below to see if any jump out at you and pique your interest:

  • If you are interested in the idea of censorship law you can focus your efforts on which laws have been developed over time related to censorship
  • You can review how freedom of speech relates to censorship
  • You can review how privacy is infringed upon or protected by the concept of censoring
  • You can instead focus your efforts on how censorship differs in different countries
  • You can review whether censorship is a good thing or not
  • You can review whether censorship keeps people safe
  • You can analyze the most successful methods of censoring communities
  • You can review which constitutions and legal entities have both promoted and squashed the ideas of censorship

No matter what it is that you select it is important that it be something you care about. The more passionate you are about a particular subject, the more it will show through in the work that you produce. If you are unsure as to what subject you truly want to cover within the idea of this broader subject, take some time to brainstorm and review the content you have learned in class and you will likely find a potential topic jumping out at you.

Censorship is the control of public communications. Because censorship occurs — in some form — within government, schools, media and popular culture, it is a very approachable, socially-relevant essay topic.

Censorship — Persuasive Topics

  • Internet Censorship. Should the Internet be censored? Who should decide what Internet content is deemed “inappropriate?” Should companies and schools use “Net Nanny” software to monitor and restrict Internet access?
  • Literary Censorship. What type of books should be allowed in school libraries? Should publishers censor books? Should people be allowed to buy books that include sensitive or potentially-inappropriate information, such as sex, crime or violence?
  • Media Censorship. Should the media be allowed to leak government secrets? To what extent should the media be able to alter interviews and source information before publication?

Censorship — Expository Topics

  • How has government censorship changed in the last century?
  • What role does the government play in censoring content in [country]?
  • What effect have government censures had on the availability and popularity of banned books?

Censorship — Literary Essay Topics

Examine censorship as it relates to a work of popular fiction:

  • Meta-censorship in Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
  • Characters’ self-censorship in A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
  • Argot as a censorship-avoidance method in A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
  • Books that have been banned throughout history because they were deemed “obscene”: Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe, Candide by Voltaire and Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence.

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