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Postdoc Cover Letter Latex Template Report

Using the LaTeX Resume Templates

A group of resume templates, originally designed by the Rensselaer Career Development Center, are available in LaTeX format.

There are two files for each style: a PDF file for viewing with your PDF Viewer (probably Acrobat Reader), and a .tex file (the source) for copying.
There are also a few examples of cover letters.

After you have viewed all the styles and selected one (or more) you like, download the corresponding .tex file(s) to your computer and replace the text that is there with your own information.

NOTE: The templates use a resume class called "res". If you don't already have the file res.cls on your system, you can download it using the link below. You can put this file in the same folder as the .tex file you are using for your resume.

The templates use the default Computer Modern fonts. You may prefer to use a font such as Helvetica or New Century Schoolbook instead. The .tex files contain comments that show how to do this. The necessary files for New Century Schoolbook are on your system, but if you choose to use Helvetica, you will need to download (from the link below) the file helvetica.sty.

The resume and letter template files

First view the various styles by clicking on the .pdf files in the left column.
To download one of the corresponding .tex files, right-click on the name, select "Save Target As..." and navigate to the location on your computer where you want to store it.

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Last modified February 2007


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