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Advertising Sales Cover Letter

Advertising Sales Representative Cover Letter

An advertising sales representative cover letter is written to the recruiter or an employer for showing interest in the firm. What recruiters or employers usually see are qualities that make for a good and efficient employee, so you should present your qualities that will make him select you for the interview.

What happens in a selection procedure? The employer looks for knowledge and confidence. It is important to portray what they are looking for and how does one do it until one is called for an interview? How will you show conviction? Cover letters give you that opportunity and you can present your best, lucrative qualities from the point of view of the employer. Customize the advertising sales representative cover letter by mentioning qualities that you think are required for the job profile. You will sure get a call for the interview. Refer to the following for the advertising sales representative cover letter and some important tips for writing the letter.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

A few things to be noted while writing the cover letter are do not write the letter in soft copy, keep the length of the letter to one page, and write two or three paragraphs at the most. The idea is to show genuine interest in the vacancy and make recruiter read the resume. There is some information that you need to give in the letter for example, where you came to know of the vacancy and the post you are applying for in the organization, qualities that you possess.

Advertising Sales Representative Cover Letter Format

The format of the advertising sales representative cover letter is like the American professional letters shown in the following.

  • The first section has the sender's contact details on the left top corner which has the postal, e-mail addresses and contact numbers, followed by date and the name of addressee, designation
  • Including a subject line is necessary which will have the position you are applying for and the source from where you came to know about it
  • The body of the letter comes next and you can write the letter informally presenting your skills in a way that convinces the employer of your abilities
  • The closing salutation has to be according to how you open the letter. If you know your reader's name then you would address by saying Mr. / Miss.; in this case you will have to close the letter using 'yours sincerely, truly, etc.

Torque Earnest
Flat No. 666, Jolly Roger Apartments
Pirates Residential Hub - 13
E-mail Address - torque.earnest@oceanmail.com
Contact Number - (430) 100 1288


Kingsley Ernest
Human Resources Manager
Texas Government Sales and Marketing Agency
Texas Health Care Center
Business Arena - 13

Mr. Kingsley Ernest,

Re: Application for the post of Advertising Sales Representative

I respond to the notice for the opening of Advertising Sales Representative's post in Texas Government Sales and Marketing Agency. I have an experience of seven years to offer in the Sales department of various reputed firms. Having worked with a very reputed chain of shopping complex, the Entertainment Square in Texas branch I have studied the trend very well and can implement it well. Apart from handling the customer services section, I am also familiar with the paper work and legal formalities needed to conduct surveys and implementing appropriate strategies beneficial for the organization. I am also capable of handling pressure and deliver in short notice.

I believe we can have a fruitful association and convert our efforts into profit for the organization. Looking forward to hearing from you. I am available on the contact details mentioned above. Thanking you very much.

Sincerely Yours,
Torque Earnest


  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Experience Letter
  • Relieving Letter
  • Educational Certificates

As shown in this advertising sales representative cover letter you can mention a section wherein you give the details of whatever documents you are attaching with this letter and also the names of references, if you have any. Hope this sample letter helps you to draft your letter. We wish you all the best for your future!

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Sales Cover Letter Sample 1:

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume for the sales position with your company. I have a wide array of interests and strengths that I believe would be beneficial for your company. As someone who is hardworking and enthusiastic, I would be an asset to you.

In May I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication, specifically Advertising and Public Relations. Although I didn’t minor in them, I have concentrated my elective studies in Communications and Graphic Design. I was a member of our AdClub on campus, as well as a student member of the Michigan Interactive Marketing Association. I enjoyed my time in college because it has given me a place to develop my passions into a potential career, and I spent several semesters on the Dean’s List within the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Michigan.

As someone who has extensive experience in advertising and marketing as can be seen in my resume, I would be a great addition to your team. Again, I’d just like to thank you for your time in considering me as a potential candidate for this position. I am very excited to begin this next phase of my life. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further recommendations or materials in my review. I’d love to set up an interview, as well. My contact information can be found at the top, or on my resume.

Sales Cover Letter Sample 2:

I would like to submit my application and resume for the sales position, as advertised by your company. With a successful background in sales and over 6 years of experience in delivering high-quality sales solution, I am confident that I am a good candidate for the advertised post.

After completing my graduation, I successfully completed my MBA in Sales from the prestigious Boston University. I started my career as a sales trainee in Patni Computers, a mid-level IT company. The desire to join a progressive IT firm poised for market expansion and strong growth saw me join IBM, a top IT company, with whom I have now  been associated with for the last 4 years.

During my tenure I improved sales of my product division, supervised launch of several new products, increased the strength of my sales team, and forged stronger relationships with clients. Here is a synopsis of my accomplishments and an overview of my key strengths:

  • Streamlined the sales process and improved the overall sales of my product division by 37% during my tenure
  • Strengthened the sales team by increasing its size by 25%
  • Successfully launched 7 new products in the domestic market
  • Won the coveted Sales Manager of the Year award twice
  • Skilled presenter, project leader, and communicator, with the experience and flexibility needed to adapt to fast-changing schedules, high-pressure settings, and rapidly shifting priorities
  • Proficient in MS office, notably MS Word and PowerPoint

I am a motivated, organized, and committed leader who prides himself on his ability to successfully complete any responsibility. My friendly, yet professional, demeanor and positive outlook allows me to effectively communicate with clients and co-workers alike.

Given my valuable expertise, rich work experience, and substantial sales accomplishments, all of which discussed in detail in my enclosed resume, I would like to ask for an opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you further in person.

Sales Cover Letter Sample 3:

I am writing in regards to the open sales position on your awesome team. With my superb customer service skills, attention to detail and pride in creating a welcoming environment for all customers are a perfect match for your esteemed business.

I am committed in delivering the best possible customer service that few can replicate as I am respectful, friendly, and always willing to help. No matter what the situation is, good or bad, there will be a positive outcome. Through my work experience I have proven to be a mature and reliable hard-worker, with minimal flaws; and who inspires the people around me.

Hard work and dedication is something that I take full pride in. I believe that there is only one way to work, and that’s HARD. I productively and efficiently plan my priorities and strategically waste no time. I maintain positive relationships between all staff and customers in both high & low-volume, fast & slow-paced operations. I understand being a great leader that can efficiently plan accordingly without wasting any time is extremely important and essential for a thriving business. I proudly provide my best in quality leadership and customer service dynamics.

With the addition of my degree, along with my experience and personality, I can help with any business’ success. I am very interested in being a part of your sales team and no matter what my tasks are – hard work, speed, efficiency and concentration will be practiced at all times.

Thank you for taking the time to read my resume. I look forward to receiving your reply.

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